Every story feels like breaking news and sometimes you need to break away from that! We at IFA have put together a list of our recent favorite content. Hopefully it will help get you through this weekend!

The New York Philharmonic shows that the music doesn’t stop just because we are apart. Watch this cello duet come together from miles apart.

Got the travel bug? Explore museum galleries across the world from the comfort of your couch.

The Science of Well-Being, one of the most popular courses at Yale, is available online.. for free! Check out more information here.

Escape into another world with these 2020 book releases.

TED Talks are another great resource to jump start your curiosity!

Looking to dig into your creative side? Here are 10 university art classes online! However,  we don’t encourage heading to your nearest craft store for supplies. Try ordering them on Amazon instead!

Please let us know how we at IFA can help you get through this time!