Our Financial Advisor Model

Our belief is that Financial Success is Only Achievable if Clients, Advisors, and Resources (Companies) work together with an Effective System (The CARES Process™) to create Value, Sustainable Relationships, and our Mission of Making Life Better For Everyone™!

"Everyone is Independent for Choices and Interdependent for Success" – Someone Who CARES™

Compliance Documents

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We are three companies who, together, provide a complete, integrated suite of financial products and services.

Interactive Financial Advisors

(A National SEC Registered Investment Advisor) specializes in providing fee-based advisory services - investment analysis and solutions.

Unifinancial Corporation

(A National Risk Management company) is a national firm focused on developing and implementing new style risk management analysis systems and solutions.


(A National Financial Information Services company) is a company focused on information technology services that are essential for clients, advisors and resource companies to make better financial decisions and to provide tools to manage the flow of vital and relevant information.

Resource Partners

We partner with the best of breed technology companies in the business to help you reach your goals.

Tifin Wealth

TIFIN Wealth is the first AI-Powered platform designed to deliver client personalization with modular wealth capabilities and real-time business intelligence. We work with financial advisors, wealth enterprises, workplaces, and consumer fintechs to advance personalization-led growth

Axos Advisor Services is a provider of integrated technology, custody, and practice management support for registered investment advisors (RIAs). Axos Advisor Services is dedicated to helping RIAs realize their full potential and provide them the support they need to manage their practices and clients’ financial futures.

Redtail Technology is a leading provider of web-based Client Relationship Management (CRM), paperless office and email archiving solutions in the financial services industry. Easily affordable, easy to implement and offering integration with many of the industry's most widely-used applications, Redtail is committed to providing financial advisors with the core technologies that drive their day-to-day operations. Redtail has been a strategic partner of IFA since 2004 and has helped IFA develop new and innovative solutions for servicing our clients.

OAKTREE Brokerage is one of the largest national insurance marketing organizations in the country. With a full line of life insurance, annuities, DI, and LTC products, OAKTREE serves agents nationwide. Every member of the OAKTREE Brokerage staff is motivated to help you get your applications submitted, approved and placed as fast as possible -allowing you more time in the field with your clients. Our team provides a consultative approach with expert support and service for your growing financial practice.

Dalyn Software database systems

Dalyn Software develops customised database systems, using Microsoft Access and SQL Server, built to our client's exact needs. Since 1993, Dalyn Software has continued to deliver value-added software solutions to many clients in varying industries. With Dalyn Software, you talk directly to an expert programmer who also has practical business experience. Dalyn will work with you to understand your business needs, find the right solutions and develop the optimal system to enhance your business. With Dalyn Software, you get more than a database - you get a working relationship.

Horizon Investments

Horizon Investments is a goals-based investment manager. We build goals-based investment strategies, construct cutting-edge planning tools and conduct investment research that empower financial advisors to help their clients achieve their individual, real world financial goals. As a goals-based investment manager, Horizon stands shoulder to shoulder with financial advisors and seeks to design investment strategies that connect to a client’s financial goals, understanding that they have a fixed amount of time to reach their objectives.


CircleBlack is an all-in-one advisor platform that includes an advisor dashboard, performance reporting, connectivity to custodian & held away accounts, and CRM, planning, and risk tools. Through a beautifully designed web portal or app environment, the platform provides advisors’ clients access to account balance & performance information that improves transparency and document sharing that simplifies the exchange of information and removes barriers to client communication.

CARES Process ™

Step 1: Relationship

A discussion to create an awareness of the issues you will need to consider to determine your level of caring and commitment to your personal financial success using our self-evaluation CARES Score ®.

Complimentary CARES Score ®

Step 2: Discovery

An interactive discussion where we listen and record what is really important to you. Essential information will be gathered to clarify your financial objectives and what you feel would Make Life Better for You.

Step 3: Analysis

We analyze and review with you, your specific financial situation, using our unique Making Life Better™ Calculator. This helps you clarify your expectations and prioritizes your goals and commitments.

Retirement Calculator

Step 4: Solutions

Based on your financial situation analysis and the priorities you have identified, appropriate solutions will be custom designed and presented. These solutions will be focused on assisting you in achieving success.

Step 5: Service

We will establish a well-structured communications and service schedule with you to stay on track and make any necessary future adjustments.

Become a Financial Advisor who CARES ™

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