Interactive Financial Advisors is Different

Advisors across the country follow the CARES Process™ and work with Interactive Financial Advisors, a full-service Advisor destination and platform. Here’s why we stand out from the competition

  • High-touch and personalized support
  • Quality solutions to assist with administration and management, from CRM technology to dynamic models and algorithms.
    • Allow for relationship-based, strategic management using data, not emotions
    • Reduce research and get right to analysis and decision making
    • Differentiated investment solutions
  • Diversity of colleagues across IFA with age, gender and background, allowing our Advisors to access a dynamic and inspiring community of advisors changing the way people plan for financial success
  • Partnership and active collaboration to listen and respond to our Advisors’ ideas and needs
  • Revenue streams include fees on assets invested as well financial organization plans
  • Team Up with experienced CARES Advisors for business continuity and growth
  • Fee conscientious


The power of our Financial Advisors lies in the combination of Interactive Financial Advisors business model, the CARES Process™ and responsive service.


  • 1099 self-employment with monthly payments
  • All the flexibility of running your own business and client management
  • Complete business development profile including strategy, financial analysis and continuity & succession planning.
  • Maintain your own identity
  • You choose what you get paid. IFA has a standard processing fee, and the Advisor has control over setting the client rate.
  • Significant room for growth
  • Don't collect your paycheck – build a business


  • Interactive Financial Advisors is a National SEC Registered Investment Advisor, so Advisors only be licensed in their state and can leverage IFA to scale across the whole county
  • Diversify your business to be in-person and/or virtual
  • Team up with other advisors to mentor, succession plan or grow your business
  • Can also grow your business by recruiting and motivating other advisors

Fiduciary is going to be a critical designation moving forward; make sure you’re compliant and take advantage of the increasing consumer demand.

Focus on Relationship Management

Who is CARES™ Financial Advisor?

Our belief is that Financial Success is Only Achievable if Clients, Advisors, and Resources work together with an Effective System – the CARES Process™ – to create value, sustainable relationships, and fulfill the mission to make life better for everyone.

Who Becomes a CARES™ Fiduciary Financial Advisor

Fiduciary Financial Advisors who work with Interactive Financial Advisors and use the CARESProcess™ come from a variety of talents and backgrounds. The key to success is a love and belief in genuine relationship management and helping your clients realize success.


Retirement Plan Professionals


Career Changers

Parents Re-entering the Work Force

Investment Professionals

Registered Representatives

Insurance Professionals

CPA’s and Tax Preparers



Real Estate Professionals

Why Now?

Now is the best time to work with Interactive Financial Advisors as a CARES™ Fiduciary Financial Advisor

Fiduciary Standard is the new normal

The Department of Labor fiduciary rule changes in April 2016 require all who provide retirement investment advice, plan fiduciaries and IRAs to following the fiduciary standard and put clients’ best interest before their profits.

Ensure Your Compliance

Advisors need to get in line with the new fiduciary rules to ensure their business growth for the high-demand sector of retirement planning

Increasing Demand

Consumers have a need now more than ever for trusted, fiduciary advisors who CARE. A 401K isn’t enough, social security won’t fulfill the future needs, and complex options require expert, hands-on planning. Business demand is projected to grow 23% faster than industry average 2014 to 2024, due to aging population and rising life expectancies

Limited Supply

The average age of financial advisers is 51, 43% are older than 55, and only 11% are younger than 35. according to research firm Cerulli Associates. Almost 35% plan to retire in the next 10 years yet there are few in the pipeline to backfill them. Consulting firm Moss Adams estimates that the industry is facing a 200,000 advisor shortfall by 2022 in the U.S.

Products, Solutions, and Partnerships

We provide the products, solutions, and technologies that allow our Advisors to deliver phenomenal relationship management, investment planning and advise, scalable and performance-driven models with proven results, and diverse package for clients at every income level

The CARES Process™

Easy to follow and interactive process that helps facilitate a trusting relationship between advisors and clients to help make life better for everyone.

CARES™ Score

Determine how much your clients care and their commitment to mutual success.

Making Life Better™ Calculator

A comprehensive yet easy to learn and implement illustration of how life events impact an individual's life.

Axos Advisor Services

Axos Advisor Services is a provider of integrated technology, custody, and practice management support for registered investment advisors (RIAs). Axos Advisor Services is dedicated to helping RIAs realize their full potential and provide them the support they need to manage their practices and clients’ financial futures.

Redtail Technology

Leading provider of web-based Client Relationship Management (CRM), paperless office and email archiving solutions in the financial services industry. Easily affordable, easy to implement and offering integration with many of the industry's most widely-used applications

Advisor Making Life Better Calculator

A comprehensive business financial calculator to illustrate the 10-year forecasted potential earnings and business buyout for advisors that can be used in conjunction with goal setting for potential advisors and current advisor reviews.

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Becoming an Advisor Who CARES™ is easy!

Step 1

Align with CARES Process and Vision & Review Financial Business Opportunity

Step 2

Licensing & Contracting Pay Appropriate Fees

Step 3

Develop & Implement Action Plan Complete Training

Step 4

Be a lifelong learner who cares about client relationships

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Great! Interactive Financial Advisors primarily works with experienced advisors or representatives that come with a book of business that are looking to improve each client’s situation. We perform compliant financial and retirement planning for as well as grow, scale or create more efficiencies with their business

That’s okay too! As part of your action plan we will work with and educate you on acquring new clients.

Pay fees in the state of your office. In working with IFA, Advisors get a menu of advisor tools to choose from based on business needs.

Back office support, training, access to a system that keeps you compliant with regulations. We have fabulous planning tools to assist you along with people-based support when you need it. (such as - if you have a meeting coming up and need help putting the plan together, you can call IFA for help)